Drivers Can Now Self Report Deer Crashes in Illinois


In the midst of deer hunting season and the crops now out of the fields, the deer tend to move more across the roadways, especially during the hours at dusk and dawn. If you hit a deer, there are no injuries, and your car is still driveable, the Illinois State Police has now created an online Civilian Crash Reporting System, explains McDonough County Sheriff Nicholas Petitgout:

“If you go to the Illinois State Police website and you were to type in deer crash or car crash, what you can do is you can self report your animal crashes. If you are on a State Highway and you hit a deer and your car is driveable, you can drive your car home, you just need to go to the body shop eventually, you can actually get on the Illinois State Police’s website and you can report your own crash. It is just a form that you fill out and it will go to the local Troop and then they approve that report. There is no need to call us if your car is driveable, you can report it yourself.”

Deer are unpredictable, especially when frightened. Remember these driving safety tips: wear seat belts and drive at the posted speed limits, drive with caution in areas with deer crossing signs, if you see a deer always assume there are others, and don’t swerve your vehicle to avoid hitting a deer, this could cause you to lose control of your vehicle and crash or hit other vehicles.

Complete a Crash Report Online (

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