When It Comes to Identifying Scams, Remember Pretending, Problem, Pressure, and Pay


While scams unfortunately seem to always be occurring, they tend to rise during the holidays, Medicare re-enrollment, and even tax season. Monmouth Police Department Investigator Josh Kramer says to remember the four “P’s:” pretending, problem, pressure, and pay:

“If you get a phone call, you get an email, somebody is pretending to be somebody that they are not, whether it is a government agency, a prize collection, or a site that is going to sell you the greatest thing that is on the market right now for three quarters of the price. They gain trust by however discussing with you of what the item is, presenting the item price. The next “P,” they will present a problem or prize, one of the two. So, what is the problem; there has been an issue with your taxes, there has been an issue with a warrant that has been issued for you, you need to take care of this. You get a problem or a prize and the next piece they will pressure you. They are going to tell you to take care of this now or they are going to tell you that an item, there are only two left in stock. They are going to pressure you to make the purchase or go to the next “P” is to pay or provide. They are either going to ask you to pay or provide some sort of information, the information they don’t have on you that they are trying to gain.”

Investigator Kramer informs that if you have provided any sort of information to potential scammers, let local enforcement, your banking institution, Social Security Administration, or others know immediately.

For the entire interview with Investigator Kramer, click here.

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