Don’t Let Those Winter Blues Bring You Down


Getting the winter blues is a real thing. Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression related to changes in the seasons. While every person experiences life differently, Vice President of Behavioral Health Services at Bridgeway, Stacy Brown, reminds everyone to connect with friends and family and if you do seek counseling, contact local agencies:

“Everybody’s experience is individual. I think it is important at this time of the year, everybody needs to be safe, but you do need to get out and you need to not isolate in your home and find activities that work for you. Sometimes it is as easy as getting one of those ultraviolet lights to put on your desk. Whatever works for you and whatever makes you feel better, but don’t let that winter feeling take over and run your life, get out and get connected with people. If you are looking to get into counseling that are a lot of different ways. Online counseling has really taken off since COVID, but we have found that a lot of people still really like that face-to-face in-person experience. You can go 100 different routes. You can always call any local agency to find out the resources in your area. You don’t have to come to Bridgeway, if you need help, get help wherever you want to.”

Brown also informs there have been improvements in the insurance field with a lot more companies covering mental health and substance use treatments.

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