Schools Seeing Improvements in Behaviors


Another year removed since the pandemic, behaviors in the schools are improving and moving forward, shares Regional Office of Education 33 Behavioral Health Consultant Jessica Donaldson:

“Going into this school year, a lot of the feedback that I received from schools was that they feel like they are moving forward and that there has been a shift and that things are getting better. We are still seeing some struggles in terms of behavior and especially with mental health, that is still happening. We are still navigating that and putting a lot of support and resources in place. I commend our schools. They are doing a phenomenal job with the programs and services that they have in place. I do think that there are some behaviors that are lingering, but in terms of getting back to or creating what we call our new normal, I think that is really starting to happen.”

Donaldson reports the biggest conversation now is around regulation and handling situations when becoming too overwhelmed or stressed.

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