Talented Monmouth Musician Started Early Bus Line

**Photo Courtesy of jeffrankin.medium.com Beginning in 1906, the interurban electric railway allowed Monmouth residents to travel conveniently and inexpensively between nearby cities. Even after automobiles became more numerous during the […]

The Decline and Fall of the Monmouth Depot

**Photo Courtesy of jeffrankin.medium.com Early on the morning of April 20, 1910, Halley’s comet became visible to the naked eye over Monmouth. Perhaps it was mere coincidence, but the comet […]

Beloved Veterinarian Played Santa for Decades

**Photo Courtesy of reviewatlas.com Dr. Vird Odell Cudd had as many vocations as Forrest Gump, working as a circus performer, professor, veterinarian, would-be sheriff, philanthropist and elephant caretaker, but his […]

Chautauqua Drew Thousands to College Grounds

**Photo Courtesy of sandburg.org “The Chautauqua is the most distinctly American thing in this country!” So proclaimed Teddy Roosevelt, himself a frequent speaker at the phenomenon that swept the United […]

Renowned Sculptor Hailed from Berwick

**Photo Courtesy of jeffrankin.medium.com Just as the literary works of Ernest Hemingway and Jack London achieved their power from the writers’ personal experiences, the works of artist Benjamin Davis Cable […]

President Reagan’s Monmouth Memories

PRESIDENT REAGAN’S MONMOUTH MEMORIES Although Ronald Reagan only lived in Monmouth just over one year, it was an important and formative year in the life of the future president. The […]

Monmouth’s John Wayne Connection

MONMOUTH’S JOHN WAYNE CONNECTION If the Rev. David A. Wallace can be considered the architect of Monmouth College, then the Rev. Marion Morrison would have to be considered his general […]