City of Galesburg Voter Card Correction

The city election office recently mailed out 18,952 voter cards. Unfortunately, 6,889 registered voters will be receiving a corrected voter card. The precincts affected are 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 21. These recently mailed voter cards incorrectly indicate a change in a county board, senatorial and/or representative voting district when there was no change. As previously mentioned, in an earlier press release, City of Galesburg registered voters have the same elected officials. These voting districts are printed in the lower right on the voter card. A corrected voter card will be mailed within two weeks with the message “Corrected Districts”. It will have an August 2017 “Issued” print date. The new cards will be printed on a blue or orange card. The remaining 12,063 voter cards are correct and no updated card will be mailed. Voters are welcome to call the city election office at 309/345-3660 with any questions. The director, Lisa Watson, expresses her apologies.

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