Humes Excited for 37th Annual Illinois Cornhusking Contest

The 37th Annual Illinois State Cornhusking Contest will be held this Sunday, Oct. 1st. Dick Humes, President of the Illinois State Cornhusking Association talked about the history of the event and what competitors can expect in each of the 11 classes.

“The top three in each class moves on to the national contest, which will be in Marshall, Missouri. Marshall picks their nationals on a Saturday. They don’t pick their nationals on a Sunday. It will be the 20th of October – the third Saturday in October,” Humes said.

The object of the contest is to pick ears of corn as fast as you can, as clean as you can. Humes has won a national title and 15 state titles at the contest. The contest will take place 3.5 miles south of Roseville on the west side of Highway 67. Humes encourages those who want to see the contest to come check it out this Sunday.

“Come down even if you’re not going to be a contestant. Come down and be a spectator. See how it’s done,” he said.

Sign in will start at 8:00 a.m., followed by the start of the contest at 9:00 a.m. The cost of the contest is $3.00 for youth and $15.00 for adults. Lunch will also be provided at the event. For more information, call Humes at 309-729-5261.

written by Jackson Kane

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