Act of Kindness Week a Hit for Lombard

The “Take a Stand Club” of Lombard Middle School was founded in 2014 by 7th grader Katie Dunbar. The group was organized to help students that may be struggling with bullying, school, home life, or other problems, to have an outlet of some kind. This week, the committee of young difference makers is holding their annual “Act of Kindness” week. Nick Sutton, principal at Lombard, explained how these kids are making a difference.

“As an act of solidarity against bullying, everybody comes to school wearing blue. We also ask people to pledge to do an act of kindness on behalf of Lombard. What has been cool about this is how big this has gotten. Using social media and word of mouth, this has blown up to something that is a lot bigger than Lombard and Galesburg,” Sutton said.

Just how big has the event gotten? Lilly McNally, an 8th grader at Lombard, discussed the reach that this movement has.

“We’ve reached six continents, 13 countries, and 48 states. What that means is that, in six continents somebody has pledged to do an act of kindness this week. 13 countries – same deal. 48 states – one person at least has pledged and said ‘I’ll do an act of kindness for Lombard school,'” she said.

Only Vermont and South Dakota are missing from the list of states that have at least one participant in the “Act of Kindness” campaign. Last year, the event garnered 750 logged acts of kindness, which included the feeding of the homeless in Alaska. For more information regarding the “Take a Stand Club,” log on to their website at
written by Jackson Kane

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