Ricketts Discusses Conservation Day

The Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau has rescheduled their Conservation Day for Oct. 10th. The event was scheduled for Sept. 21st, but was postponed due to lightning and rain. Young’s Lake will be the site of the event. Carol Ricketts, Manager of the Bureau, provided a bit more information.

“There will be 11 different learning stations that the kids are going to rotate through. Recycling is one of them, soil and erosion is one of them, fish and wildlife, teaching them about conservation,” she said.

6th grade students from both Warren and Henderson counties will be the recipients of the educational program. Ricketts also recapped a few other recent Farm Bureau events including Farm Safety Day and the Young Leaders 5K Run, which continues to grow each year. Ricketts also thought the relocation to Monsanto was a positive.

“It’s growing every year. We had a lot of good feedback from the location, so hopefully we can do it again next year out there,” she said.

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written by Jackson Kane

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