Event-Filled Homecoming Weekend Ahead for Monmouth College

This weekend, Monmouth College will be the host of their 92nd alumni Homecoming and the 129th meeting on the football field between the Scots and their rival – Knox College. It will mark only the seventh time in the college’s history that the Turkey Bowl will take place the same weekend as Homecoming for the Scots. Executive Director of Marketing and Communications for the College, Duane Bonifer, touched on what the return of alumni to the campus does for current students.

“The alumni and the students have an opportunity to connect with one another in a real meaningful way. You don’t just go to a 300-person lecture hall and hear an alum come back to the campus. You have an alum come into the classroom, and you begin to build a relationship with them – someone you can make contacts with for professional school, graduate school, or possibly a job,” he said.

The itinerary for Homecoming includes everything from Alumni Class meet-ups, to the M Club Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, to the presentation of numerous other awards to notable alumni. Bonifer made sure to throw praise upon the organizers behind this special weekend.

“All the credit goes to the folks in the Alumni office led by the person who is behind Homecoming, Katie Shipp. They have just done a great job. It’s a wonderful weekend – not too much, just enough stuff – and there’s a lot of diversity of activities. It’s going to be a fun weekend,” Bonifer said.

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written by Jackson Kane

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