State Farm's Brown Breaks Down Open Enrollment

The open enrollment period for healthcare insurance started on Wednesday. Heidi Brown of State Farm Insurance explains what exactly that means:

“This is the time where people who might already have a health plan through the marketplace can decide if they want to participate in a different plan that might be more cost-effective for them. We can also help them determine whether they qualify for subsidy or assistance with their plan. And of course, we do that on an individual basis based on their household and what that dynamic looks like,” she said.

The enrollment period will be open until December 15th. Brown stresses that insurance is about finding the right plan because everybody’s family dynamic is unique. It is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

“We might have a family who is more apt to have a higher out-of-pocket cost because they would rather just pay the co-pays, and they’re pretty healthy. Now, someone who is not as healthy and knows they’re going to use their insurance pretty regularly for hospital admissions or outpatient testing, they might want a lower out-of-pocket amount or deductible so they aren’t stuck paying a lot of costs out of their pocket, so that is one thing we have been working with people with,” Brown said.

For more information on the open enrollment period, contact Brown at 342-3115.
written by Jackson Kane

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