McCrery Talks Medicare Enrollment Deadline

The medicare enrollment deadline is coming up on Dec. 7th. However, the Strom Center in Monmouth wants seniors in the area to have their medicare situations figured out prior to Nov. 30th. Carol McCrery with the Center talked about why that is:

“We have a number of people that during the month of November, they’ve had doctors appointments and medications have changed. We kind of leave this time so that if anybody has a medication change, we can put that through to see if that impacts the plan or program in which we have enrolled them,” she said.

Changes in medicare plans can affect deductible payments and drastically change the kinds of medications that are available to a person. McCrery says being aware of your plan from year-to-year can save medicare patients thousands of dollars, and in the most extreme cases, up to $20,000.

“It seems somewhat cyclic that a plan is exceptionally good, very good, and then the next year it may be real good, but not quite as good, and maybe two to three years down the line – it is not good at all for a person,” McCrery stated.

She urges seniors to visit the Strom Center prior to the Nov. 30th deadline to review their plans. A typical appointment takes around 30 to 35 minutes. For more information on medicare or the Strom Center, call 734-5677.

written by Jackson Kane

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