Wilder Happy with State of District 202

Knoxville School District 202 held a school board meeting on Monday night. Superintendent Steve Wilder called the meeting both positive and productive. The members of the school board were recognized for their service corresponding with National School Board Member Day, which falls on Nov. 15th. Wilder then discussed the recent changes to Knoxville’s website and social media presence:

“The way school districts use websites has changed a little bit over the last several years. It used to be that they were a great resource for all of the information and all that was going on in the school district, but with the advent of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – that’s really been the avenue that I think schools are moving to to share up-to-date and current information,” Wilder said.

The new-look website will not have as much information as in the past, but social media will be more prevalent for the district. The new website is expected to be up and running sometime this week.

Wilder also shared that the district has reached an intergovernmental agreement that would allow students that live within the district, but outside the city limits of Knoxville, to obtain a free library card at the local library.

“It helps us continue to spread the joy of reading. It gives them access to books that they don’t ordinarily have in their community,” he said.

To view Knoxville’s new-look website and the Nov. 20th school board meeting minutes, log on to

written by Jackson Kane

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