Long Discusses WHFB & Young Leaders

The Illinois Farm Bureau’s Young Leaders are always looking to contribute to the agronomy community in positive ways. Gina Long, Administrative Assistant at the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau and member of the Illinois Farm Bureau’s Young Leaders, describes the role the Young Leaders play in the community:

“Our Young Leaders program is a group of 18 to 35-year olds of the communities in Warren and Henderson counties. We just get together and put on, and sponsor, and go to events that support agriculture and also events in our community that we feel are important,” Long said.

The group meets once a month and is always looking for new members. Currently, the Young Leaders of Warren and Henderson counties boast roughly 15 full-time members. Long says this a great time to get involved with the Leaders because of their upcoming Young Leader Conference in January and Marketing Seminar in February. Both events will be great opportunities to learn more about some of the hottest topics in agriculture.

Long also wanted to share information on the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau’s scholarship opportunities.

“Scholarship information for scholarships through the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau Foundation will soon be available on our website. This should be ready very soon, so everyone who is interested or may know of someone who is interested in our scholarship, should be looking on our website,” she said.

The deadline to apply for said scholarships will be at the end of February. For more information regarding the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau and Young Leaders, log onto or call 734-9401.

written by Jackson Kane

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