School & Teacher Spotlight: January

The start of the new year means another edition of our School and Teacher Spotlight. The subject of our School Spotlight for January is United North Elementary School. Principal Maggie Wallace touched on what makes her school so special.

“The teachers – they absolutely make this place a great place to work and a great place for the kids to come. They work tirelessly to find ways to improve student learning, enhance their social skills, and they do so with their own money. More and more, they’re having to do so with their own money and they never complain about it,” Wallace said.

This month’s Teacher Spotlight shines on Vanessa Witherell, Library and Computer Technology teacher at United North. This is her second year in the district, and she exemplifies what a great teacher should be according to Wallace:

“She’s an amazing teacher. She’s phenomenal. I think if you ask anybody in our district they would say she has been a very welcome addition. She goes above and beyond. She holds workshops for teachers after school and in the summer, so not only is she benefiting the kids, but she’s really helping the teachers, which in turn helps the kids as well,” Wallace said.

Congratulations to Mrs. Witherell for earning this award through her hard work and dedication to teaching! This award is brought to you by MTC Communications and the Regional Office of Education.

written by Jackson Kane