Pet Safety Important During Winter Months

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by the freezing temperatures of winter. Pet owners need to be mindful of the harsh conditions and care for their pets with that in mind. Erin Buckmaster with the Knox County Humane Society urges owners to keep their pets inside during extremely cold weather.

“Be careful with those pets in this extreme weather because it’s a terrible thing to freeze to death. Unfortunately, it happens a lot during this time of the year,” Buckmaster said.

Buckmaster also wants those that witness pets in the cold to not be afraid to speak up.

“Call your local animal shelter, call Monmouth – get someone out there to take care of it, because there should be no animals outside at this time. It’s illegal. It’s cruelty to animals as far as I’m concerned, and they should be issued tickets,” she said.

Buckmaster says that if it’s too cold for a human, it’s also too cold for your pet to be outside. The Humane Society is also taking blanket donations to help keep their pets warm this winter. To find out how to donate, call 342-1275.

written by Jackson Kane

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