Preparation Key for Winter Safety

The recent temperatures in our area have dropped to dangerous levels. With wind chills approaching the -30 degree mark at times, Monmouth Fire Chief Casey Rexroat wants citizens to take caution and be prepared – especially when traveling. He explains why people should always carry an emergency kit in their vehicle, and what needs to be inside of it:

“You could put things like blankets, flashlights, bottles of water, a few snacks and things like that – something that will tide you over until somebody can come get you and help you out. Even if your car breaks down and it’s not necessarily wrecked, you might need something to tide you over until somebody can come get you. You might be in a remote area or something where somebody can’t find you,” Rexroat said.

Police Chief Joe Switzer cited an incident in recent years where two 18-wheelers had jack-knifed on Highway 67, blocking traffic for nearly half a day. He encourages everyone to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

“Sometimes when those types of accidents happen, your car shuts down, and you’re without heat, you do need something to keep you warm in that vehicle. You may be there for an extended period of time because there are only so many assets available to get people,” he said.

Switzer also recommended carrying a candle in your vehicle, along with being aware of the amount of gas in your vehicle before hitting the road.

written by Jackson Kane

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