WHFB's Ricketts Calling It Quits

After 28 years of service for the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau, Manager Carol Ricketts is retiring. Starting as a bookkeeper in 1990, Ricketts worked her way up the ladder to serve as manager and has done so since 2000. Some of the Farm Bureau’s former presidents stopped by the studio to share their memories of working with Ricketts, starting with Amy Thompson:

“Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization, and the members are quite involved in getting work done in committees. However, sometimes things fall through the cracks. And she always picks up the pieces and makes sure we’re on the right track and getting everything done that we need to have done,” Thompson stated.

Kevin Killey also echoed a similar sentiment about Ricketts:

“To me, it’s probably all the things that she always fills in the gaps that a lot of the things with Farm Bureau you need people doing a lot of the steps. A lot of that gets done by the committees, but a lot of it can still fall through the cracks, and needs to fall on somebody’s shoulders. And that was usually Carol’s,” he said.

Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau’s current President Jared Kunkle is pleased with the professionalism and honesty that Ricketts has displayed over the years:

“Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. But we’ve always had a good respect for each other and a good friendship that we can talk through things and come to the best conclusion for the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau. I’ve always appreciated that,” Kunkle said.

Ricketts hopes to spend more time with grandkids and possibly travel to Ireland during retirement. Congratulations on your retirement, Carol, from everyone at Prairie Communications!

written by Jackson Kane

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