Monmouth College Drawing Plenty of Students Abroad

Monmouth College is home to students from all walks of life; 36 states and 37 countries to be exact. That is due in large part to the great work done by the College’s Admissions staff. Trent Gilbert, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Communications, is amazed to see some of journeys that students embark upon during their time at the school – especially those from other countries.

“So many of them are coming here for an education – a transformative education – and then it’s about going back to their country and taking what they’ve learned and really doing something with it. It’s fascinating to watch it from the beginning of that process all the way through their experience here,” Gilbert stated.

Some of the countries included in the enrollment numbers at Monmouth College are Ghana, China, and Vietnam. Gilbert also mentioned pockets of students from Florida and California gradually gaining traction at the college. He credits the overall environment of the school and the community for the great diversity on campus.

“I think that that ethos of the people here in the area, the people here in Monmouth, really permeate our visitors visiting campus. And that makes my job easier because ideally it’s about the students and families feeling like this is a great spot for them. I’m just really appreciative of what the community does each and every day to help support what we’re trying to do at the college,” Gilbert said.

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written by Jackson Kane

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