Warren County Women Celebrated with New Exhibit

A new exhibit is coming to the Warren County History Museum later this year. The Full Circle: Women of Warren County exhibit is coming May 8, 9, and 10. Executive Director Kellen Hinrichsen described the upcoming exhibit as a pop-up museum, which is a growing trend in the museum industry.

“It’s a short-lived exhibit. It’s community-minded. It allows people from the community to come in, share their stories, and kind of procreate the exhibit,” Hinrichsen stated.

Mary Osborne of the Stewart House at Monmouth College and Krystine Gilbert with Buchanan Center for the Arts approached Hinrichsen about the possibility of this project. Hinrichsen believed this was a much-needed addition to the Museum because of the rich history of Warren County. The trio has already brainstormed a sizable list of women to consider, but Hinrichsen is enlisting the help of the citizens of Warren County to help make this exhibit even better.

“There are a lot of women who have been a part of Warren County in some way and have gone on to do great things. But what we’re really looking for is to hear from the community, and learn some of those names that we didn’t know about, that we haven’t heard about, and have still gone out and done something important,” he said.

To fill out an application for the exhibit, contact Hinrichsen at 309-734-8433 or by email at

written by Jackson Kane

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