Teacher/School Spotlight: February

It’s time once again to recognize an area teacher for their hard work in the classroom. The focus of our School Spotlight for the month of February is Monmouth-Roseville High School. Amrit Bidegaray is an ESL Teacher at Monmouth-Roseville and the subject of February’s Teacher Spotlight. Principal William Bradford explains Bidegaray’s special ability to connect with a diverse group of students:

“When you walk into her classroom, you see this whole gamut of cultures and all these different types of languages. She is able to reach them, to teach them, to interact with them. Regardless of whether you come from Southeast Asia, the continent of Africa, from south of the border – Mexico or South America – it’s just a gamut. And she’s just able to work with them on their English skills,” Bradford said.

Bidegaray has worked in the district previously, but this is her first school year working at MRHS. Bradford thinks the partnership is a perfect fit.

“She has really stepped up and embraced what is all great about Titan Nation. I’m just so pleased and honored. She’s doing an awesome job,” he said.

Congratulations to Mrs. Bidegaray on this outstanding achievement! This award is sponsored by MTC Communications and the Regional Office of Education.

written by Jackson Kane