Ag Seminar Approaching for Midwest Bank

Midwest Bank will be hosting their annual Ag Seminar in the coming weeks. The event will kickoff on Thursday, Feb. 15 with an 8:00 a.m. breakfast followed by various speakers that include Kent Porter of Porter Insurance Agency and the keynote speaker Mike Pearson. There will be an ag roundtable featuring numerous ag experts in the area. OSF is also co-sponsoring the event and will be giving presentations on how to stay healthy during this flu season.

Matt Gillen, Senior Vice President at Midwest Bank, says the ag department at Midwest Bank is gearing up for another busy year in 2018.

“We’re busy. We work with a lot of local farmers. Right now, we’re setting up new lines of credit and getting everybody ready to go another year in 2018. It’s a busy time right now in the ag department. We’re going to blink our eyes and get the planters out here. January is already in the books,” Gillen said.

The Seminar is open to the public, but the Bank asks that those interested in attending register for food preparation purposes. M & E Catering of Monmouth will be providing lunch at noon. That meal will consist of beef and pork sandwiches, salads, cheesy potatoes, and more. To register for this event, please call the bank at 734-2265.

written by Jackson Kane

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