City Council Meeting Summary – 3/19/2018


City Council Meeting Summary 03.19.2018

1– Presentations Or Citizen Inquiries No presentations or citizen inquiries were made.

2- MFD February Report – Chief Rexroat The department had 99 calls for service in February. Firefighters went through specialized training with the Monmouth Police Department and the Illinois State Police on the dangers presented by illicit controlled substances and the precautions that must be taken when there is a risk of contact during a call for service. The fire department has applied for a grant through the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal to purchase new rescue equipment. The request for funding was made to replace the extrication equipment on Engine 23 which is now 18 years old. The “Small Equipment Grant” has approximately two million dollars available with a request limit of $26,000 per department. Chief Rexroat’s full department report is available on the website.

3- MPD February Report – Chief Switzer The department had 1439 calls for service in February. The department conducted another round of ALICE training at the Monmouth-Roseville High school with their staff. Chief Switzer complimented Superintendent Fletcher and his staff on their dedication to the training. Officers also reviewed security plans for a number of local churches and businesses. These plans had some special considerations involving building entrances, emergency contingencies and the like. Chief Switzer’s full department report is available on the website.

4- Approval of Joint Economic Development Cooperation Agreement with MACC As part of the on-going relationship with the local Chamber Of Commerce, the City has entered into an agreement which will allow for greater communication and cooperation between the two entities as they pursue economic opportunities. Council and Mayor expressed their enthusiasm in working with the Chamber and look forward to future opportunities. A motion for approval of the cooperation agreement was made and was approved.

5- Approval of Development Agreement with Fareway Stores, Inc This item is part of an economic development incentive that the City is empowered to offer to the developer on account of the parcel’s location within a T.I.F. district.
This development agreement features performance-based requirements and includes an annual, partial property tax rebate to reimburse for eligible expenses allowed under Illinois Act 65 ILCS 5/11-74.4-3 as illustrated in the section marked TIF Eligible Expenses.

The proposed new Fareway building will be 21,000 square feet and is estimated to be a $5,000,000 investment. Fareway is estimated to create 75 new jobs. The full 13-page agreement may be found on the City Of Monmouth website at

A motion for approval was made and was approved.

6- Presentation of 2018-2019 Budget – Administrator Steinbrecher Administrator Steinbrecher gave a presentation to Council on the proposed budget for next fiscal year. The proposal is for a total of $18,205,812 and is a balanced budget.

Some items of note: • The budget was cut over $138,000 in departmental expenditure requests. • Increased street maintenance in the M.F.T. fund from $0 to $400,000. • Instituted higher fees for criminal citations, waste disposal, and campground charges. • Allocated T.I.F. funds to completely replace the failing roof on the Strom Senior Citizens Center building which the City owns.

City Council discussed the risks and benefits of the proposed fees for the landfill and requested further evaluation/discussion before the fees were voted on. Council also discussed the necessity and benefits of opening the municipal pool for a final year while the YMCA begins construction on their outdoor pool. The proposed budget is available for viewing on the homepage. The presentation is also attached to this summary with further breakdowns of the budget. The budget will be open for comment and consideration with potential action to follow on the April 2nd City Council meeting.

7- Resolution – Campground Rental Fee Increases An increase in campground fees was discussed to align closer with the City’s rising cost of services.

Recreational Vehicles: 1 night at $16.00 to $19.00 with full hook-up Recreational Vehicles: 1 week at $92.00 to $105.00 with full hook-up Recreational Vehicles: 1 month at $314.00 to $330.00 with full hook-up $6.00 fee to dump sanitary sewer if not staying on sight Tents: 1 night $10.00

Council discussed how the potential rates compare to other campgrounds around the area and whether the rates needed a larger increase or not. A motion to approve the resolution as written was made and passed.
City Of Monmouth 309-734-2141

8- Ordinances A. Approving the TIF Redevelopment plan and project for N. 6th Street redevelopment project area The City has been engaged in the process of creating a TIF district for a parcel on North 6th Street and has been a topic among several City Council meetings. Our consultant for the project (PGAV Planners) has finalized a comprehensive plan for redevelopment on the parcel. This plan is comprehensive in nature and is 93 pages long. The plan can be found on the homepage and historical summaries dealing with the TIF proposal may also be found under “community engagement”. A motion was made for approval of the plan and was approved.

B. Adopting TIF for the N. 6th Street Redevelopment Project Area This item is the formal adoption of a TIF district for the parcel located at 1181 North 6th Street, A.K.A. – The old K-mart building. A motion was made for approval and was approved.

C. Amending Chapter 53, Entitled Solid Municipal Waste – Sustainability Coordinator Chad Braatz This amendment adjusts the fees associated with waste disposal to reflect the cost of these services more accurately. Council and staff discussed the various ways to offset the financial loss that is incurred at the transfer station. A discussion involving the use of a scale and the ability to determine residents and non-residents that use the transfer station.

The proposed fees are as follows: 1. Non-compacted solid municipal waste: $15.00 per cubic yard capacity 2. Compacted municipal waste, including construction/demolition material: $8.50 per cubic yard or $20.00 per standard half-ton pickup load of stated material or $40.00 for a trailer load of stated material 3. Individual per bag charge, solid municipal waste: $1.00 each 4. Brush (but not including leaves, grass clippings and other normally composting materials): $5.00 per standard half-ton pickup truck load of stated material and $10.00 for a trailer load of stated material.

No action was taken on this item and staff will review the operations and proposed fees for the transfer station. Staff will bring this item back to Council at a later date.

D. 18-009 – Rental Registration and Inspections – Director Woodward This amendment adjusts the fees that will be assessed for rental registration and inspection of rental properties located within the City. 1. An open registration period will exist from October 1st to October 31st each year for filing the requisite registration form. 2. A fee of $10.00 for a single family dwelling containing 1 rental unit. A fee of $20.00 for a dwelling containing 2-5 rental units. A fee of $30.00 for a dwelling containing more than 5 units. 3. For apartment complexes, each separate building will be assessed a fee as outlined previously. Example – 1 building containing 5 units will cost $30.00 4. In mobile home parks, a single trailer is considered 1 unit and an entire contiguous park are considered one dwelling. No action was taken on this item at this time.

E. Amending Chapter 72, Entitled Traffic Rules – Chief Switzer This amendment raises the penalty for operating a moving vehicle without a seatbelt to no less than $80.00 The amendment also raises the penalty for operating a wireless telephone while driving a motor vehicle without a hands-free device to no less than $150.00 This amendment is for City Ordinance Violations and not State level citations. No action was taken on this item at this time.

F. Amending Chapter 131, Drug paraphernalia prohibited – Chief Switzer This amendment raises the penalty for possession of drug paraphernalia to no less than $300.00 This amendment is for City Ordinance Violations and not State level citations. No action was taken on this item at this time.

9- Executive Session No executive session took place.

10- Other business No other business items were discussed.

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