M-R's Fletcher Shares Latest Approvals

Monmouth-Roseville Superintendent Ed Fletcher discussed some approvals from the district’s latest school board meeting Tuesday night. A security vestibule will be installed at Central Intermediate in Monmouth this summer. Central will be the third school in the district with a security vestibule installed after Lincoln and Harding. Fletcher says the move is costly, but warranted:

“It’s somewhat costly – doing security vestibules, cameras. We’re doing it in conjunction with the police department as we conduct our A.L.I.C.E trainings we’re able to see where there is deficiencies,” he said.

Fletcher says installations are in the future of both the junior high and high school as well.

Some staff adjustments at the high school were also approved at the meeting. The school board agreed to hire a third counselor and a primary Director of English Language Learning. Both moves are important for the high school, especially with the expanding diversity of the district according to Fletcher.

“At M-R, the world comes through our doors every day, and that’s really cool. It’s cool to see kids learning their first English word or being able to read English for the first time. It presents lots of challenges, but it’s very rewarding,” he said.

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written by Jackson Kane

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