School & Program Spotlight: March

Monmouth-Roseville Junior High School is the focus of our School Spotlight and Program Spotlight for the month of March. MRJHS’s Student Council has added another dimension of excitement and opportunity to the building according to Principal Don Farr:

“These guys have just done a fantastic job of adding, bringing color, and bringing a lot of neat activities to the school building and to break up the school year into a whole lot of different activities,” he said.

The Student Council consists of 17 students: eight 7th grade students and nine 8th grade students. President of the Student Council, Kenna McCance, talks about different ways the organization assists with everyday activities at the school:

“We work for doing dances, pep assemblies, posters, just everything school spirit related. We always do things for different sports teams and just try to make the school a more bright and colorful place,” she said.

Farr believes the example set not only by the Student Council, but the teachers at Monmouth-Roseville Junior High School has helped build a family atmosphere at MRJHS.

“Sometimes we forget because we see these students each and every day. We see the highs. We see the lows. But when I get calls from other conference schools about ‘Boy, your kids were so polite when they came up to the concession stand or they really handled themselves well in the stands.’ You hear compliments like that from faculty members, other parents, other coaches, other principals, it really makes us appreciate the students we do have at Monmouth-Roseville Jr. High,” Farr said.

Congratulations to Monmouth-Roseville Junior High and the Student Council for this outstanding achievement. This award is presented by MTC Communications and the Regional Office of Education.

written by Jackson Kane