Cavanaugh Details Storytelling Program for Warren Achievement

Warren Achievement Center recently received a grant from the Buchanan Center for the Arts, Illinois Arts Council Agency, and National Endowment of the Arts. This money will be put toward a project to help achievers express themselves through storytelling, according to Warren Achievement’s Sean Cavanaugh.

“Not all of our achievers can just sit down and tell you the story of their life or a particular instance where they did something incredible, so what we’re doing with this generous grant is we’re going to be pairing achievers with facilitators. The facilitator will meet regularly with the achiever and get that story out through different ways over time and be able to piece it together,” Cavanaugh said.

The project is called Let Me Tell You a Story. The stories will be put into a book and copies will be sold. Cavanaugh realizes that some achievers may not be able to tell their story, but that shouldn’t stop them from sharing it.

“Everyone likes to feel useful and to contribute to their community, no matter who they are. This is a way that we can help do that. It’s going to be pretty amazing. I’m looking forward to it very much,” he said.

For more information, call 734-3131.

written by Jackson Kane

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