Fletcher Talks Funding & Student Safety at M-R

The Monmouth-Roseville School Board met once again on Tuesday night. Superintendent Ed Fletcher went into detail about one topic in particular – evidence-based funding.

Illinois’s evidence-based funding model relies on specific tiers to decide how money should be allocated to school districts throughout the state. Fletcher shared just how this formula works and what it means for their district:

“Monmouth-Roseville, once the final numbers came out, we were at 55 percent of adequacy, which the idea is to get all schools – with the additional tier funding – is to get school districts to 90 percent of adequacy. So for us, with that additional $350 million that was added to the formula, we’ll receive $855,000,” he said. That money will be applied to the 2018 fiscal year.

Additionally, Monmouth-Roseville school district is taking extra precautionary measures to protect their students. With the microscope on school safety in recent months, extra precautions such as ALICE trainings and security vestibules have been implemented. Fletcher introduced another safety measure the district will take:

“Next year we’re going to be doing some emergency first-aid training at our first in-service day in September for our teachers. We had a person come speak to our board last month. It was part of our long-term training plan. We weren’t there just yet, but I think with the shooting in Florida, I think it kind of pushed that up a little bit,” Fletcher stated.

The addition of a security vestibule at Central Intermediate this summer has also been foreshadowed by M-R’s Superintendent. Security vestibules at the Jr. High and High School are also expected in the future.

To hear more from Superintendent Fletcher, listen here:

written by Jackson Kane

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