Achiever of the Month: March

Halsey is a popular electropop singer. “Bad at Love”, “Now or Never”, “Him & I,” and her feature on Chainsmoker’s “Closer” are considered her most noteworthy songs. Her drummer, Nate Lotz, is now the first out-of-county recipient of Warren Achievement Center’s “Achiever of the Month” award. Sean Cavanaugh with the WAC explains:

“He donated drums for our music room for Warren Achievement Center. He also put the word out to his musician pals to do the same, and he is in the process of gathering all sorts of stuff to be sent to Warren Achievement Center,” Cavanaugh said.

Lotz’ mother, Paula, and some other family members reside in Cameron. Cavanaugh, along with some of WAC’s achievers, joined Paula for a Facebook Messenger call to her son. Lotz’ mother pretended like the conversation was casual, but soon handed the phone to Cavanaugh and the achievers to break the news.

“There were achievers there loving it. They thought it was … everyone there thought it was pretty cool. He was a very down-to-earth individual, very appreciative, and we caught him off guard,” he said.

Paula Lotz worked with cognitively-disabled individuals while Nate was growing up, which inspired him to give back.

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written by Jackson Kane