Possible Trade War Worrisome for Illinois Farmers

The tensions between the United States and China have continued to rise after President Donald Trump placed tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum last month. The Chinese retaliated by placing tariffs on American pork and soybeans – a move which could be detrimental to Illinois farmers in particular. Krista Swanson with the University of Illinois’s Gardner Ag Policy Program explains:

“Just thinking about Illinois, because we have such great transportation, and we’re right here on the river – a large number of our crop gets exported. I want to say about 60 percent of that goes to China. That’s why this is a really big deal to Illinois farmers,” Swanson said.

Swanson also discussed the popular subject of the Farm Bill. A new draft of the Farm Bill – which outlines a five-year food and nutrition plan for our country – is being worked on currently because the current Farm Bill expires Sept. 1.

“Those of us in the agriculture industry are anxious to see some progress on re-negotiating the rules for the next five years, so to speak,” she said.

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written by Jackson Kane

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