United Schools Positioning Themselves for Bright Future

The school year is slowly winding down, and United High School is prepping for graduation on May 20. Superintendent Jeff Whitsitt likes the position his district is in moving forward, especially with a new 10-year life safety plan nearly finalized, which focuses on school safety.

“Our 10-year life safety survey is ballpark in the $8 million range. The security alone, the security measures we’re talking about alone: the tentative cost for them is right at $1 million,” he said.

Those upgrades will include door locks, security cameras, intercom phone systems, and more. School safety measures are undoubtedly expensive, but Whitsitt and his board believe cost shouldn’t be an issue when safety is the subject.

“There are so many gains to these processes and the things that we will get out of all these upgrades that you just don’t think about on a daily basis,” Whitsitt stated.

Whitsitt also delivered the news that United and their teachers reached a new three-year deal for their collective bargaining agreement. He believes the new deal is “good for everybody involved.”

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written by Jackson Kane

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