$500,000 Grant to Help Monmouth with Water Main Repairs

Public Works Director Andy Jackson shared some great news regarding a grant the City of Monmouth will receive to assist with water main infrastructure improvements, which was announced at Monday’s city council meeting.

“The great thing about this grant is, there is no local match required. In other words, the old DCO money usually you had to have a 25 percent local match or up to a 50 percent local match. There is no local match. We have been awarded a half a million dollars,” Jackson said.

The project hopefully will start on South Main Street and East 9th Avenue this fall. Five blocks of water main, which equates to 2,700 feet of pipe, will be replaced between East 9th and South 5th Street. Jackson called the project a “good win for the city.”

Other approvals made at the latest city council meeting included a $23,000 city hall roof repair which will be done by Riddell Roofing, and a Memorial Day Weekend 5K Fundraiser organized by Justin Lipes. The Fundraiser 5K will be this Saturday starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Tac Shack.

written by Jackson Kane

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