Trip to NYC Full of Memories for M-R Choir

It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York for the Monmouth-Roseville High School Choir last week. Plenty of memories were made along the way, including on the plane ride to “The Big Apple”, where senior Kaylee Trego and her fellow choir members broke out into song.

“None of us really wanted to sing on the plane. Mr. Ferry kind of just made us do it. We were all kind of nervous about the feedback that we would get from it, but the video is sitting at 225,000 views right now, which is huge. It has been on the news. It’s the coolest thing for us because none of us wanted to do it,” she said.

Choral Director Kevin Ferry said this is a customary practice for his singers, to practice on the way to an event. However, prepping on a plane was a first for one of his groups.

Once the 31-member choir arrived in New York, they performed at both Carnegie Hall and at the World Trade Center’s “Ground Zero” site. Ferry was grateful his students were lucky enough to experience that.

“All of the Monmouth-Roseville parents or grandparents or sisters or brothers, whoever flew out on their own and weren’t chaperones, were all sitting in the same little box area so that was really neat that they were all sitting together, and we could see them,” Ferry stated.

20 of the 31 students that traveled with the choir had at least one relative make the trip to see the performances.

To view the choir singing on their flight, click here:

written by Jackson Kane