City Council Meeting Summary: 5/7/18


City Council Meeting Summary 05.07.2018 Next City Council Meeting – May 21st, 2018 at 6:00 PM Official Minutes available at

1– Presentations Or Citizen Inquiries – No Citizen Inquiries tonight.

2- Building and Zoning Report – Director Woodward • Zoning has started enforcement measures on a number of properties for tall grass. The limit is 12 inches, after which letters and potential fines are mailed. • Smithfield has started construction on the walls of the rendering building. The contractors are shooting for an estimated completion date of September.

3- Woodard and Curran Report- Director Jackson • There was a single snow removal event in March. • City workers completed 153 utility hole inspections and have begun entering the data into the utilitycloud software system. This system allows the City to keep detailed records of infrastructure assets which helps to improve maintenance and repair. • The City is in negotiations with B.N.S.F. for the removal of the abandoned tracks which are located on North Main Street. • City workers have been actively working to repair potholes that accumulated from the winter. • W/C’s contract end was in April. The contract came in approximately 45k underbudget. Director Jackson’s full report may be found at

4- Community Engagement Report – Technology Director Helms – Staff have begun designing a mass notification texting system. This system will allow the City and Warren County Dispatch to text residents when there are road closures, hydrant flushing, special events, and emergencies. The service will be an opt-in program, and more information will be presented when the system is completed.

5- 2018 Pool Opening Discussion – During the discussion of this year’s budget there was a request to evaluate the options available for opening the municipal swimming pool this summer. City staff approached the YMCA and the Monmouth Country Club to see if either organization could help to provide another option for residents until the YMCA completes their pool. The YMCA pool will be available to non-members at a day rate upon completion.

The Country Club declined to participate. The YMCA has offered to provide a family 3-month pass for 164 dollars which is comparable to the current City-owned municipal pool. There would also be a daily rate available for those who wish that is comparable to the current municipal rate. The YMCA will also offer a scholarship program to family’s who qualify at a cost not to exceed 60% of the total cost. This scholarship program does involve a small subsidy from the City which will be voted on at the next Council meeting when a formal pricing structure is established. Council discussed the various pros & cons that would be present if the City did open the pool. These concerns included costs that would be incurred to the budget in both manpower and building maintenance. A motion was made to open the pool for the 2018 season. The motion did not pass, and the pool will not open this year.

6- Off-Premise Sign Application Discussion – Frank Doyle had applied for 2 off-premise signs last year, one on North Main street and another on North 11th Street. These signs were prohibited via the City’s off-premise sign ordinance.

The request was brought before the Zoning Board Of Appeals in April for a variance which would allow construction of the signs. The Zoning Board submitted a recommendation for approval. To overrule the Zoning Board of Appeals, it is required to have 6 out of 8 votes by Council in the affirmative. A motion was called to override the ZBA recommendation. This motion did not meet the requirements, and the variance is upheld. The requested signs may be constructed as per the request.

6- Ordinances & Resolutions – A. Authorization to execute the Abandoned Property Grant City staff applied for a grant last year to help address certain abandoned properties within the City. The grant was for $26,790.00 and covers cleaning of certain properties and the demolition of others. The addresses listed on the grant include: 115 South B Street, 928 South 5th Street, 714 East 5th Avenue and 1120 East 6th Avenue.

B. Amending Chapter 115 – Limitation on number of liquor licenses This amendment removes the surplus liquor licenses that exist in 3 out of the 4 classifications.

C. Adding Class III liquor license – This amendment would increase the number of available liquor licenses in the class 3 (beer & wine only) category. The Italian Village would like to serve alcohol during meals to their customers. Council voiced concerns regarding the potential addition of gambling machines which would also be allowed under the proposed liquor license. Additional concerns were also discussed regarding the signage that normally accompanies gambling machine placement and the potential perceptions that may occur.

A motion was made to approve the addition of a liquor license. This motion did not pass.

7- Executive Session – No executive session was held at tonight’s meeting

8- Other business – The City was notified today that the ITEP grant which was applied for last year to beautify the 4 quadrants of the square was not successful.

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