Gilbert and BCA Looking for Honest Feedback

Kristyne Gilbert previewed some events coming to the Buchanan Center for the Arts in the coming months, starting with the 15th Annual Art from the Heartland event from June 5th to July 14th. The 10th Annual 64 Arts Exhibition will follow that on Sept. 11th through Oct. 20th. Gilbert is happy with the progress of the organization, but wants local art fans to provide honest feedback.

“The numbers and attendance in the gallery, it can be very rewarding. Not just for us as volunteers, but for the community. I think they’re really enjoying what they’re seeing. And if you’re not, equally as important as well, tell us what you want to see. If you want an exhibition or an idea, we’re looking to always keep it fresh,” Gilbert said.

Additionally, the BCA will be offering an opportunity for student artists later this year in the form of the Moon River Art Contest starting on Oct. 27th. Gilbert explains the idea behind the project:

“We are wanting artwork to be submitted that’s based on Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini’s 1962 Grammy award-winning song “Moon River”. It can be any medium: 2-D or 3-D. We want them to listen to that song, read those lyrics, interpret it the way that they would see it, and create some artwork,” she said.

For more information on these shows, their deadlines for submissions, and more, contact the Art Center at 734-3033 or visit their website at

written by Jackson Kane

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