Martin Urges Farmers to Handle Paperwork

Planting season has kept farmers busy in recent weeks, but that doesn’t mean many farmers don’t have paperwork to take care of. Anne Martin with the Farm Service Agency of Warren County shares some scenarios that might bring farmers into the office:

“If you have gained any new farms, we need to know about that. If you’ve broken out any new land that you’re farming this year that you weren’t farming previously, make sure you tell us about that so we can get that added into your acreage. If you are not farming something that you used to farm and we have not been told, we may still have you associated with farms you’re not on,” she said.

Martin stated that changes in ownership must be reported. Some deadlines that farmers must meet include reporting acres by July 15th and signing up for farm programs by the 1st of August.

The Monmouth FSA office is also in search of a new Temporary Program Technician. The position would be a temporary full-time position with an end date of Sept. 30th.

For more information, call their office at 734-9308 or listen to Martin’s podcast below:

written by Jackson Kane

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