School Spotlight: May

Immaculate Conception School is the focus of our School Spotlight for the month of May. Principal Randy Frakes shares some details about the Pre-K through 8th grade institution:

“ICS has been here for over 100 years, started here in 1914 … you know, a faith-based education. We push our students both academically and in their faith. It’s a great little school,” Frakes said.

Currently home to over 150 students and 12 full-time staff members, ICS strives to give every student great opportunities in education, faith, and extra-curricular activities. ICS is also embracing the benefits of technology-based education.

“We’re working towards next school year having Chromebooks for all our grades from 3rd through 8th, so that’s something that we’ve been pushing for this year to enrich our lessons in the classroom. I don’t think technology is a replacement of books and things like that, but we do believe it should enhance what’s going on in the classroom and give them that opportunity, especially the way things are going in today’s age,” he said.

The tight-knit family culture at ICS is what enhances the learning experience according to Frakes.

“It takes a village to raise a child. I think everybody at our school – staff, parents, pastors – we’re all in to making sure we get the best out of our students and to be there to support them in whatever they choose to do. Academically, faith, everybody is all in and very supportive,” Frakes said.

Congratulations to ICS on this amazing distinction! Continue to provide a great atmosphere for students to learn and grow!

written by Jackson Kane