Teacher of the Month: May

A duo of instructors from Immaculate Conception School are under the bright lights of our Teacher Spotlight for the month of May! Cynthia Shadensack is a math and science teacher at ICS, but her impact is felt all around the facility according to principal Randy Frakes:

“She has been at ICS for over 20 years and really helped build the foundation for what it is today. She’s in charge of NJHS – our national junior honor society; she has always been in charge of our 8th grade graduation; our 8th grade confirmation for our Catholic students. She’s really been a part of ICS over the years and seen its peaks and valleys,” Frakes stated.

Alicia Ramer is the 2nd teacher being recognized this month for her amazing work at ICS. Frakes details her contributions to the music program:

“She leads our Christmas program every year, has all of our students participate in it whether it’s Pre-K all the way up to 8th; our ICS spring play; this year, the students are putting on Mary Poppins Jr. Mrs. Ramer plays a vital role in that. It’s great for the community, and it’s great for our kids to go through that experience. She’s also in charge of our choir, which is great and gets invited to lots of different activities throughout the community,” he said.

With both teachers retiring at school year’s end, it was only right to recognize these long-time ICS educators.

“Two great ladies that have been a huge part of ICS over the years, helped build it to what it is today. We’ll be missing them next year. We’ll turn the page and move on to the next stage and hopefully find great people to fill those shoes,” Frakes said.

Congratulations to these two teachers on their prolonged success in education! Thank you for all your contributions to the ICS family! This award is brought to you by MTC Communications, McDonald’s, and the Regional Office of Education!

written by Jackson Kane

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