ARA Offers Top-Notch Communication & Craftsmanship

ARA Home Solutions is a construction and carpentry business specializing in projects ranging from small home repairs, to remodels, to small home additions. Kelly Howerton and her husband Steve are managing the day-to-day operations of the two-person business. Kelly specializes in marketing and communications, while Steve handles most of the hands-on construction work. Howerton explains the scope of services offered:

“A loose hand rail to a small home addition, and anything and everything in between. We’re not licensed plumbers. We’re not licensed electricians. But we do have local people that we reach out to and refer people to, so we try to keep all of our business local. But really, anything, we can do for people. And if we can’t, then we’ll find somebody that can that would provide the same service that we would expect to serve them with,” Howerton said.

Communication and craftsmanship is what sets ARA apart according to Howerton.

The couple decided to start the business to bring their family closer together, and that is where the new business’ name comes from; ARA stands for Ava, Robert, and Abigail: the Howerton’s children.

To learn more about ARA, call 371-3591 or visit their Facebook page at ARA Home Solutions.

written by Jackson Kane