Survey Designed to Highlight Health Needs in Warren County

OSF Healthcare Holy Family Medical Center administers a survey every three years. This Community Health Needs Assessment Survey works to find areas that need extra attention in the Monmouth area. Amber Wood, Community Relations Specialist for OSF, explains:

“We are just hoping to have as many individuals participate by the end of August as possible. And again, this is really focused on the Warren County health needs. If you’re a resident of Warren County, please take a few moments to share your insights. We’re really hoping to gather that broad voice of our community,” she said.

After data is collected and each community’s health needs are prioritized by greatest need, administrative and caregiver teams at OSF Healthcare work together to further support current community-based health programs and services, as well as starting new programs to help meet the needs for each community. The latest survey conducted three years ago prompted OSF to implement more diabetes-related programming.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete and can be found at a number of locations around town, including: The Warren County Public Library, the Warren County Health Department, the Warren County YMCA, and the Strom Center. It can also be completed online at

For more information, contact Wood at 734-1605.

written by Jackson Kane