Strom Center Update

Medicare drug plans have a coverage gap, otherwise known as the doughnut hole, putting a temporary limit on the drug plan to cover medicine. Carol McCrery, Executive Director at Strom Center, and the other staff do not want this to happen to you. If you have found yourself in this coverage gap and are unsure about how to handle the process, do not hesitate to call or go into Strom Center. They are there to assist and make sure you understand your drug plan and are not sucked down the doughnut hole.

McCrery also discussed that Medicare cards are changing, not social security numbers. She has become aware the numbers are in fact longer, but it is for security purposes.

“Keep it available, it is not going to hurt to have it or show it. It’s absolutely a secure situation, but it will help Strom Center get you enrolled into Medicare programs and certainly for Medicare D,” states McCrery.

The Thrift Store at Strom Center will be having a Christmas in July sale beginning Tuesday July 17th through Friday July 20th. Carol McCrery, Executive Director at Strom Center, shares there will also be a bake sale going on as well.

The hours for the event will be from 9am to 3 pm for the entire week. Regular Thrift Store hours will also be honored.

Strom Center will also be having a potluck dinner on Saturday July 21st at noon. No sign-up is required, just bring a dish to pass.

For more information about Strom Center and to see all of their upcoming events, check out their Facebook page, Strom Center, Inc.

written by Kelsey Crain