Monmouth College Welcomes 2018 Freshmen Class

The official move-in day for new Monmouth College students was held on Saturday. Monmouth College welcomed 280 new students to campus from 22 countries and 34 states. MC President Clarence Wyatt is pleased with the continued growth of the college’s already diverse student body.

“28 percent of this class — of this incoming freshman class — is from out of state. And that’s up from nine percent just three years ago. We’re very proud of that. It’s a very strong class academically, great variety of kids. We have seven sets of twins in this entering class. That’s another nice little note. Duane Bonifer will be doing a nice story about those, but we’re really excited about these young people joining us,” he said.

As for the overall number of students enrolled at Monmouth this year, that number is actually down as compared to recent years. Approximately 1,000 students are on campus this fall – a number that is forcing Wyatt and the college to adjust accordingly.

“Our adjustment has been that we are going to go out of state, that we are looking to recruit young people who will embrace this kind of experience and solidify and enhance what is already a high-quality experience,” Wyatt stated.

Classes will start on Wednesday for the Scots. For more of the latest Monmouth College news, visit

written by Jackson Kane