Munson's Allaman Discusses 2018 Crop

Harvest is slowly approaching for area farmers. Munson Hybrids Agronomist and local farmer Craig Allaman discussed the latest developments with this year’s crop, including the recent rainfall in the area.

“It will put a lot of bushels into the soybean crop. The soybean crop is still trying to fill those pods out — the size of the beans themselves — so any type of rain in August is probably in the tune of five to 10 bushel pretty easily to a soybean crop,” Allaman said.

A late winter had farmers worried about getting into fields to plant, but Allaman believes 2018 was one of the better planting seasons he’s seen. However, Allaman does not expect as productive a crop as last year.

Heading into the harvest season, the Munson Hybrids crop guru has one last piece of advice for farmers:

“Because of the dryness here late in the year, I think one thing that is going to be pretty important is that we’re out making sure our stalk quality is okay. You need to do that field by field, and you need to do that hybrid by hybrid. The reason I say that is because, when it gets dry like this, that corn plant will go ahead — if it can’t take the nutrients and moisture it needs out of the ground, it will just rob the lower stalk first to feed itself and finish that ear out,” he said.

This process is called cannibalization, and occurs when insufficient rainfall is provided to a crop.

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written by Jackson Kane