Monmouth-Roseville School Business

Monmouth-Roseville is gearing up for another school year, which begins Wednesday August 22nd with a Freshman only day. Superintendent Ed Fletcher and the rest of the staff at the high school are very excited to help get the Freshman acclimated to the High School:

“Try something different, see if that helps them get accustomed to the building. I know you’re not going get accustomed to the building in one day, but talk to them about expectations. Now is the time to start planning for your future. Here is our expectation with behavior here’s our activity programs. All the things incoming freshman need to know,” Fletcher states.

Fletcher also discusses their recent board meeting and different items that were addressed.

The board passed a surplus budget, which includes 1.4 million for operating costs and 1.3 million in education funding. Fletcher shares these numbers will most likely change as the year goes on, due to adding another 1st grade classroom, teacher aids, another counselor at the high school, and ESL teachers at the Jr. High and High School.

“We are looking at what, we feel as in the best interest of our students, hiring staff to be able to work with our students to improve performance,” shares Fletcher.

Other than the finalizing of projects that took place over the summer, Monmouth-Roseville is ready for another school year to begin.

written by Kelsey Crain