Old Timers Game Reminder of Monmouth's Strong Softball Roots

Every year since 1938, Monmouth has hosted the Old Timers Softball Game. This year’s edition will begin at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 12, with a flag presentation, followed by the Star Spangled Banner sang by Monmouth-Roseville High School’s Madrigals, a bat presentation for former players that have passed away in the past year, and the game itself.

Monmouth has a rich history of both fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball. Ralph Whiteman, who was a senior in high school in 1947, recalls softball games being a popular attraction in the town back then.

“In 1938 and the years right after that, where there is no television and very little air conditioning, people in Monmouth would go to the ball game out there. North 11th St. was always full of traffic. They went out and parked around the perimeter, and watched the fast-pitch,” Whiteman said.

The game is open to anyone 45 years and older. Tom Glenn with the Warren County YMCA is in charge of organizing the event. For information on how to take part in the game, call Glenn at 221-5276.

written by Jackson Kane