United School District News Update

The United School Board held their monthly meeting last Friday, which happened to be midterm for the first quarter of the school year. The board approved the spending plan for the year, which is just under 12 million, and with the Evidence Based Funding Model the district will be receiving state aid for the first time in a while, which helps make a difference as to how their budget goes.

Superintendent Jeff Whitsitt reports on other items discussed:

“The rest of our meeting was pretty much discussing our 10 year life safety survey that has been submitted to the state. We are still waiting for a response from them as far as what’s approved for life safety spending and what’s not. We looked at that list of projects in a couple of different ways. We looked at it over a timeline, over a cash flow timeline. We have some decisions to make, we have a lot work that needs to be done. We could spend up to 3.8 million dollars over the course of this school year if we really work at it and get some things accomplished going into the 2019-2020 school year,” Whitsitt states.

Whitsitt also shares the security camera systems are completed in two of the buildings, with the third very close.

Looking ahead to October the board will have discussion on financing and a curriculum presentation.

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written by Kelsey Crain

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