Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau Update

Over the weekend, the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau will send 13 people to the Young Leaders Conference in Peoria. Manager Gina Long reports more on what those in attendance will participate in:

“In regards to the breakout sessions, I know one of them is called Grain Marketing 101, one is on Legal Counseling, and another of Farm Preparedness. Some of these breakout sessions can be more toward simple steps to improve your farm in the coming years. Others can be on long term, and how you will function with a family and multiple wanting to help farm. It’s kind of nice they have a wide variety of sessions,” Long reports.

The conference has around 500 people that attend, allowing the Young Leaders to network with those in other counties.

The deadlines for the Illinois Agricultural Association and Warren-Henderson Farm Bureaus’ scholarships are fast approaching. Long shares more details on where to apply for these scholarships:

“Our Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau Foundation scholarships application process is open and will be open until the last day of February. The Illinois Farm Bureau Association Foundation scholarships are open until the first day of February. In regards to the Illinois Farm Bureau Foundation, I think you create an application and it submits you into all scholarships available,” shares Long.

For both foundations, applicants must be members or dependents of members of the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau to apply. For more information, visit

On February 19th, the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau will take part in the Governmental Affairs Conference in Springfield. President Jared Kunkle shares what the event entails for the farm bureau:

“The legislative reception will happen at the President Lincoln DoubleTree Hotel in Springfield. It’s a great event. Our legislatives do a phenomenal job in attending and showing up. So we look forward to seeing them and catching up. Hopefully we will have a great turnout of legislatures since they will be in session. It’s a good event, it’s an update on what is going on in our local state and national governments,” states Kunkle.

Registration for the event closes February 13th.

To sign-up, contact the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau at 734-9401.