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United School District Update

At the recent United School District board meeting, a proposal to improve communication throughout the district by using an app was put in place. Superintendent Jeff Whitsitt offers more insight as to what the app will focus on:

“Parents and community members can access via the Apple App Store or the Microsoft version of that, so that they can have a United 304 app. They can go on and get all the schedules, lunch menus, and have our live feed from our Twitter and Facebook all in one location. We can push notifications out so if it snows and a game is cancelled, it will actually pop up on their phones and they don’t have to go looking for that information,” Whitsitt states.

The district has settled on a marketing website service to assist with the production of the app, with hopes it will be up and running for the fall.

To hear Whitsitt’s entire interview, listen below:

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