Warren Achievers to Showcase Artwork July 17

Artwork recently created by six achievers from Warren Achievement Center during the Learning to Teach program will be on display at the Buchanan Center for the Arts.

The exhibition, which takes place on July 17 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, was a unique experience for the achievers.

Warren Achievement Center’s Sean Cavanaugh explains.

“We had six achievers who took a pottery class at Monmouth College from Assistant Professor of Art Janis Mars Wunderlich. These six achievers/students learned all about working with clay: Pinch pots, slab, coil, using the potter’s wheel, and other techniques.

Not only did they learn to work with the clay, and be creative, and follow their creative instincts, they were also taught by Janis how to turn around and teach others to do the same.”

After the exhibition, the artwork will be on display for the rest of July.

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