A New Fall Semester Begins at Monmouth College

A new Fall semester is beginning at Monmouth College on Wednesday, August 21, with 296 new students enrolled at the College.

Monmouth College has an estimated 925 to 930 students currently enrolled. 450 of those students have moved in over the course of two weeks. New faculty has also been added in Psychology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Classics.

Monmouth College President Doctor Clarence Wyatt outlines where the new students have come from.

“We have students from 16 states and 11 countries in this class. Of course that’s bigger numbers overall for the campus. Just a great array of students.

We have 20 international students in this entering class. A great crop of transfer students; we’re always pleased with students who have been around for a little bit. It also emphasizes that Monmouth College is the place for them, so we have a great group of young people joining us this year.”

Matriculation, the ceremony welcoming new students to Monmouth College, is tomorrow, August 17.

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