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M-R Staff to Receive Trauma Training

The staff at Monmouth-Roseville School District will be partaking in a Trauma Informed Training session next week in order to identify signs and become educated on how to help students who may be undergoing trauma.

Superintendent Ed Fletcher reports on why this will be a great addition into a teachers’ toolbox:

“In all my years, students just don’t come to school and they are just mean to be mean or angry to be angry. There is usually an underlying cause. I think that helping adults identify those causes, making sure we provide the support necessary. The research you see states you need to have a counselor, 1 for every 250 kids. Almost every school has that. And that is one of the reasons we added a counselor at the high school,” Fletcher shares.

Fletcher wants families to know that the district is there to help support them, and by providing this training, the staff will be more prepared to educate kids, provide support, and get students ready for the next phase of life.

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